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At MICE we offer a new option to present your quotations to a client even more powerful. Besides creating the current standard quotation, you are now able to create digital quotations. But what are the new possibilities and why should I use this new feature? In this article we emphasize on its functions.

Cover photo

You are able to add a cover photo to every digital quotation created. To do this, go to settings (via the gear icon on the top right). Then go to templates where you can customize your quotations.

Pay attention! If you choose to not add a cover photo to the quotation template, automatically the cover photo from settings > company settings will be used.

Add blocks

You can add new blocks to a digital quotation template. Add a new text block by going to the end of the document where you click on '+ add a block'.

You can choose the following options while adding a new block:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Gallery

  • Video

  • Page break

  • Cost summary

  • Schedule (script)

  • Location description

  • Package(s)


Add this block if you want to add a text to the quotation


Add this block if you want to add an image to the quotation. A logo, for example.


Add this block if you want to add multiple images to a quotation. You can choose whether to visualize these images in a grid or slideshow. Add images by clicking on the 'gear' icon shown next to the gallery block. Select multiple images so they will be shown as a whole (grid or slideshow) automatically.


Add this block if you want to add a video to the quotation. Do this by adding a link to a YouTube video.

Page break

Add this block to indicate a page break for when a .pdf file is generated.

Cost summary

Add this block to add a summary of costs that is generated automatically based on your events' information. Customize included information by clicking on the 'gear' icon next to the cost summary.

Schedule (script)

Add this block to add the events' schedule which will be generated automatically. Customize its information by clicking on the 'gear' icon shown next to the schedule.

Location description

Add this block to add the locations' description as it is added to the system.


Formatting options

More formatting options are possible using the new digital quotation. For example, you can give each text box its own colour and image. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Add a new text block by going to the end of the document where you click

on '+ add a block'.

2. Click on the 'gear' icon next to the text box (the gear icon is shown in a small menu that appears when you hover your mouse over the text block).

3. Choose an image. You can also decide on which side of the text the image will be positioned.

Tabs (add, name and move)

Documents should be clear and and not extensive. The digital quotation now consists of tabs to organize information and be able to quickly access certain information. You can easily add a new tab by clicking on the 'plus' icon in the tabs section (see image below). Give the tab a name and click on the check mark. You can easily move the tab by pressing and holding down your left mouse button on the tab's name and drag it to the left or right.

Effortlessly share (relevant) information

By using the tabs, as explained above, you can easily find information without having to scroll through the entire document. You can also download specific tabs / information. This way, you can share only relevant information to a person.

Differences between traditional and digital quotation

Traditional quotation

Digital quotation

Cover photo with logo

Send messages in quotations

Sign quotation online

Download quotation to .pdf

Download specific information to .pdf

Attach .pdf to quotation message

Tabs in quotation

Use cover sheet in quotation

Add images to quotation

Image collage in quotation

Image slideshow in quotation

Text block with image

Add background colour to text block

Mobile version


Do you still have some feedback about the new digital quotation? Let us know via the chat! This helps us to keep improving MICE!

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