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Cost price and margin calculation (MICE Pro)
Cost price and margin calculation (MICE Pro)

For MICE Operations PRO users only

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To calculate the margin of your event, you can add the cost price of your products.

Go to setup > products to add the cost price.

Adjust the cost price in the event dasboard in case of any exceptions.

Pay attention! Just like the sales price, the cost price of products are not automatically updated in existing events if you adjust or add the price via setup.

In an event, click 'update information' to retrieve the latest sales price and cost price. To do this, go to the event dashboard and select the 'gear' icon on the top right (see image below).

Event margin calculation

If the margin module is activated, you will see the margin percentage in the event dashboard (in the left bottom). You can see the margin calculation by moving your mouse over the info icon shown next to the margin in percentage.

Get insights and edit the cost price per product in an event by going to the margin calculation report of the event.

Here you can easily edit the following product information:

  • Amount

  • Purchase price

It is not possible to enter package cost prices due to the cost price already being calculated based on the products added to the package.

PAY ATTENTION! Price changes are only applicable for the specific event in which changes are made. To permanently set product price changes (for upcoming events) you should make changes in setup > products.


Why can't I enter package cost prices?

A package's cost price is calculated based on the added products and their cost price. Per product you can add a cost price.

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