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Translations (MICE Pro)
Translations (MICE Pro)

For MICE Operations PRO users only

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You can activate translations when you use MICE Operations Pro. Go to setup (via the 'gear' icon on the right top of the screen). Now you are at 'company details'. Scrolling down you can see 'Enabled languages' where you can add languages.

Subsequently, you can the new (selected) languages at the following places:

At setup:

  • Event types

  • Reason of cancellation

  • Attributes

At products:

  • Categories

  • Packages

  • Locations

At templates:

  • Quotations

  • Documents

At messages

At the widget (request module)

Example products:

Example packages:

Just like at products, you can change the short and long description by switching languages. To change the activity's name, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the activity

  2. Click on 'edit translations'

  3. Go to the heading of the right language and add the translation, save the pop-up.

Do not forget to save the package!

Templates: Quotations and documents

You can set a language per template (at the top). Note that your variables, script and cost overview are shown in your own language.

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