1. General information

  • Event details, such as the following:

    • Name of event and group

    • Event date

    • Relations

      • Client

      • Contacts

    • Notes

    • Attributes linked to an event (you can create attributes yourself)
      More information

Variables can be created based on the general information details. Such variables can be used in messages and template text fields.

2. Usage script information

The script of the event dashboard contains the structure of the event with all products to be provided and organizational information per activity, time and location(s).

This data can be retrieved with the script and cost overview block, which might come in handy to add in documents and quotation templates. This information can also be retrieved in the work schedules (in the planning overview).

2.1 Information to add to an activity:

  • Times

  • Location and setups

  • Activity description (to clarify activity)

  • Notes (blue) to share with contacts

  • Notes (yellow) for internal communication

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