1. General information

  • Event details, such as the following:

    • Name of event and group

    • Event date

    • Relations

      • Client

      • Contacts

    • Notes

    • Attributes linked to an event (you can create attributes yourself)
      More information

Variables can be created based on the general information details. Such variables can be used in messages and template text fields.

2. Event schedule information

The schedule in the event dashboard is the event setup with all products to be provided and organizational information per activity, time and location(s).

This data can be retrieved with the schedule and cost overview block in quotation and document templates. This information can also be retrieved in the planning.

2.1 Information to add to an activity

  • Times

  • Location and setups

  • Activity description (to clarify activity)

  • Notes (blue) to share with contacts

  • Private notes (yellow) for internal communication

2.2 Product information

The product information fields are intended for sharing information with the client. This information is available in schedule block of quotation and document templates and is visible in the request widget.

By categorizing products smartly, you are able filter products based on categories to create an overview (e.g. kitchen list, working schedule, etc.) including only relevant products for a particular department or colleague.

2.3 Single products

These are products that are used during the entire (day of the) event, thus are not linked to a particular activity. You can show or hide single products in a schedule block.

3. Other:

Message private notes

Use private notes in the message section to create notes for internal communication only. This comes in handy for example during a phone call or after receiving a file.

Details visible for the client (only if activated in a schedule)


  • Times

  • Name

  • Description

  • Location

  • Notes

  • Private notes


  • Product name

  • Product description

  • Long product description

  • Product price(s) and VAT rate(s)

Note that in templates you can decide yourself which details shown above are visible for the client.

Not visible for clients

  • Private notes in the message section

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