Packages and price tiers (PRO)
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Package price tiers is a MICE Pro feature.

Set price tiers if the package price varies based on the number guests attending the event. The price tier is automatically retrieved from the event's number of guests.

Add price tier to a package:

Step 1: In setup, go to packages and select '+ add package' or edit an existing package

Step 2: At price, add the lowest price tier and add the correct VAT rate.

Step 3: Click '+ add price tier' and enter the number of guests at 'from' for the price you enter. Repeat this step to add more price tiers.

Pay attention! When you change the number of guests in the event dashboard or add the package an event, the price is not corrected accordingly. This can be done by clicking the edit button (pencil icon) next to the package and selecting the actual price manually.

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