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Adding and analyzing cancellation reasons
Adding and analyzing cancellation reasons
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Unfortunately, it may happen that a planned event is cancelled. This can of course have many different reasons. In MICE, you can therefore add and select (multiple) cancellation reasons when a cancellation occurs.

This article explains:

  • Where you can add new cancellation reasons

  • How to cancel an event and add a cancellation reason

  • Where to find an overview of all cancellations

Add new cancellation reasons

Follow the steps below to add new cancellation reasons in your system.

  1. Go to setup via the main menu

  2. Click on the cancel reason in the management menu

  3. Click on the + Add reason button to add a new cancellation reason

  4. Give a name to the cancellation reason (e.g. 'illness', 'no hearing', 'chosen another location', etc.)

  5. Click save. The cancellation reason has now been added.🥳

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if you want to add more cancellation reasons.

Cancel event and specify a cancellation reason

As soon as you cancel an event, you can immediately select a cancellation reason and (optionally) add any additional comments.

To cancel an event, go to the event (from the main search bar or planning) and click on the event status at the top left. Then click on 'canceled'.

In the cancellation screen, you can now select a reason for cancellation. Optionally, you can also add additional comments.

Both the cancellation reason and additional comments can be found in the event on the left (see image below).

Analyse cancellation reasons

In MICE, it is easy to analyse cancelled events including reasons for cancellation. For this, you use the cancellation report. Follow the steps below to generate a cancellation report.

1. From the main menu, go to reports.

2. Click cancellations at the top of the screen.

3. Set the date range to generate a summary with the cancellation reasons within a given period.

4. Optional: Filter by planner, client or event type(s) by clicking the funnel icon at the top right.

5. Now you have an overview of all cancelled events within the set period. At the bottom, you see a pie chart in which you can clearly see the frequency of all the actual cancellation reasons.

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