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Getting started with MICE
Getting started with MICE Operations.
Getting started with MICE Operations.

Set up the system step by step.

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To get started, click on Setup (gear icon) at the top right of the screen. On this page you will find the company details.

Step 1: Including or excluding VAT

In the company settings you indicate whether the system applies inclusive or exclusive VAT.

Step 2: Adding Locations

In the menu on the left side of the screen, select Locations. Enter your locations, description and price. Link the right setup(s) to the location and enter its capacity.

More information

Step 3: Event types

Go to General settings. Under event types, enter the type of events you are organizing. Some examples of event types:

  • Meeting

  • Wedding

  • Jubilee

Step 4: Adding products

Create categories that will decide how your products are divided. Examples:

  • Food

  • Beverage

  • AV

Enter the products with the correct VAT rate. It is possible to split VAT.

Pay attention! In the large text box, enter the text you would like to have as a description in your quote and request for proposal widget.

Step 5: Composing packages

Once you have added the products, you can put together the arrangements. You can select one package per day; this can be a package with a price per person, but also a set-up of an event that the client can organise himself. In the end, the arrangements will also be shown in the request module.

Step 6: Quotation and worklists templates

Go to templates

Here you can create quote templates and other documents. Adjust the template to your own corporate identity. Click on add field to see the extra options.

Everything about the digital quotation. Click here.

Step 7: Add users

Depending on the functions and responsibilities of the employee, we have different user roles.

Administrator: can adjust the settings during management

Planner: can send out the quotations and communicate with the client

Staf: can only view the event information

If you want to use everything, then become an administrator and planner.

More information about adding users

More information about user roles

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