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It is now possible to add your attributes (also referred to as input fields or own fields) in the event dashboard to enter information. Such attributes can be added as variables in quotations, documents and messages.

1. Add fields

Go to Setup and then to Attributes (below the Settings heading).

Click '+ add new attribute'.

Add the name of your attribute and a field type. You can choose from the following options:

  • Short text field

  • Long text

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Date

  • Time

  • Date & time

  • Yes/No

2. Add to templates and messages

After adding the attribute, the name of the attribute is visible in the variable list of templates and messages.

3. Where to find back the attributes?

3.1 Events

The atrributes of the object type 'events' are visible when creating an event and can be modified in the event information edit screen.

3.2 Organisations and contacts

The attributes of object types 'organisations' and 'contacts' can be fund below the address data (after clicking on the contact or organisation name)


Below you can find some examples of potential attributes.


  • Payment options

  • Special details

  • Diatery requirements


  • Special details

  • Client type


  • Salutation

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