If you have planned an event you would, of course, like to see if this event has been invoiced. In MICE, this can be done in two different ways;

  • Via the planning

  • Via reports

Via the planning

Step 1: Go to planning (in the menu bar) and make sure to select the list view (see image below)

Step 2: Next to the working lists, click on the plus icon to create a new working list OR click on the gear icon to edit an existing working list and select the pencil icon

Step 3: Activate the options 'total price' and 'invoices'

Step 4: Check whether the total price is identical to the invoiced amount. If so, the event is fully invoiced

Via reports

Step 1: Click on reports (in the menu bar)

Step 2: Go to the sales report and set the filter (at the top right) to 'Group by event'.

Step 3: You will now see a table including all information within the selected date range. So, to check whether your events have been invoiced, you have to compare the columns 'revenue excl. VAT' and 'billed amount'. If these numbers match, the event is fully invoiced.

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