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How can I recover deleted data?
How can I recover deleted data?
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In MICE it is possible to recover certain data that was manually deleted by a user.

Note that not all data can be recovered, so always make sure to be careful deleting data!

The following data can be recovered via the trash bin in setup:

  • Events

  • Quotations

  • Documents

  • Invoices

  • Tasks

  • Clients

  • Contacts

  • Event types

  • Packages

  • Locations

  • Message templates

  • Quotation templates

  • Document templates

How to recover data

Step 1: Go to setup (via the main menu)

Step 2: Go to 'trash' (via the setup menu)

Step 3: Select an object

Step 4: Search the data you want to recover and select the 'recover' button on the right

OR select multiple data, press the "with selected items" button below and select 'recover'

Step 5: The data is recovered🥳

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