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Add users and edit profiles
Add users and edit profiles
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Add user

Would you like to add a user to your MICE environment?

You can do that in just a few steps:

Step 1: Go to setup by pressing the 'gear' icon in the upper right corner

Step 2: Select users in the left menu

Step 3: Click the button '+ add user' at the top of the page

Step 4: Enter an email address and name, select one or more user roles, and click save. To find out the different user roles, please refer to the next page.

Pay attention! An email address must be unique; it can be used only once.

Step 5: The new user has been added

If a new user is added, the person will receive an email with inlog instructions at the (original) email address that is entered at the user's account.

Maximum number of users reached

It might occur that you cannot add any more users due to reaching the maximum number of users. Send us a message via the chat so we can arrange for you to add more users (per user extra monthly costs are involved).

Edit user

As an administrator it is possible to edit users (via setup > users). You are able to overwrite the email address and to set user roles.

Overwrite email address

All communication from the event planner will be sent to the email address of your user account. If you want all messages to be sent to a central or other email address, enter this e-mail address in the 'override email address' field.

User roles
Click the following link for more information about user roles:

Edit profile

To edit your profile, click your user name at the top right of the screen and select 'edit profile'.

Pay attention! Profile details can only be edited via the user account itself. It is not possible to edit profiles via other user accounts.

First and last name
The first and last name entered here are retrieved as first and last name of the sender in MICE messages. The user's first and last name can only be editted by logging in to the user's account itself. First and last name can be added as a variable in quotes and documents (planners only).

Telephone number
Add a telephone number to your profile. The telephone number can be added as a variable in quotes and documents (planners only).

Change password

The password of a profile can be changed. Changing a password of a user account can only be done by logging in to the user's account itself.

Enable daily email
Activate this option if you would like to receive a daily email including all expired and today's personal tasks.


How can I change the name of a user profile?
The first and last name, telephone number and password can only be changed via the user profile itself (via 'edit profile').

I've added a new user and entered an email address but a name is added automatically. Why?

A user profile is always linked to an email address. Use a unique email address to add a new user.

I've added a new user but the invitation email is not sent to the entered email address. How to login?

The email address must be unique, so it cannot be used earlier for existing or deleted users. If the email address is used before, the email will not be sent. Click 'forgot password?' in the login screen and follow the instructions.

A new user is added and the email address is overwritten but an email is not sent to this email address. Where can I find it?

The email is always sent to a new user's original (overwritten) email address. It is not sent to the email address entered at override email address.

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